Before 1975

Racing cars Chassis

1975 to present

Production of Ambulances and other special vehicles

2017 and future

Expansion to foreign markets

From the beginning:

Over 40 years of activity thanks to the intuition of Alfredo Mariani, who after a long career in the field of racing cars has an idea: to create with his son Renzo a company for the production of ambulances.

Persistence and passion lead them to experiment, develop and produce new layouts gaining popularity and allowing a rapid expansion of the business.

The company’s main characteristic is to keep the craftsman’s touch strong enough to meet the individual needs.

Today, Paolo Mariani, grandson of the founder, keeps the family tradition that has developed further in recent years:

  • Established a solid customer base in Italy, specializing in Ambulances and Special Vehicles for emergency services and other vehicles dedicated to Mobility.
  • Extended its market to Europe, Asia and Africa.
  • Obtained certification UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System and UNI EN ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management System.
  • Granted approval on vehicles according to European UNI EN 1789.

The company structure, which boasts nearly 50 employees, dynamic and prone to growth, and has today the same deep respect and love for its work as in the early years by its founders.

Our Vision for the future.

Improve our products and our customer experience by developing a new ambulance concept that is an established benchmark for the industry.

Expanding to foreign markets, exporting Made in Italy quality and passion for craftmanship.

Research and development of new technologies, materials and design.

Making progress, remembering our tradition.