• 4x4 o Gas Metano
  • Fino a 6 persone trasportate
  • Anche in versione Ambulanza!

Less Barriers

Technical details

  • Great comfort

    The elevation allows better usability

  • Reliable

    The 4×4 option is synonymous with safety

  • Bright and Luminos

    Ample front glazing and side windows

An Exclusive Absolute: Caddy Step Always completely modified by us to raise roof and rear doors.
A vehicle for every need: transporting people in a wheelchair or in Ambulance configuration, everything is possible.

The same executable solution for those looking for a Methane gas medium (which has the under-floor tank that could not be changed)

Finally industrialized with refined and refined lines, ready for big sale.

Available with servo assisted ramp or electro-hydraulic lift

Maximum Accessibility


For added comfort, you have chosen to set up a Volkswagen Caddy 4×4 Long Pass, allowing the wheelchair passenger to enjoy more space.

Up to 6 people transported with different configurations:
3 + 1 5 + 1 AMBULANCE